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A robust self-service customer claims portal that seamlessly tied into an existing API.

Digital Product Strategy / Front End Development / UX/UI Design

ProtectAll is one of the largest furniture warranty providers in the US, providing and servicing accident protection plans for major retailers including Ashley Homestore, Morris Home, and DSG. In 2020, they were ready to transform their prize customer service from email and phone back-and-forths to a completely digital self-service claims portal.

ProtectAll had an in-house dev team to manage the database side of things, but they needed help designing and building a best-in-class front-end experience. So they got in touch with us.

Bilberrry frequently acts as a bridge between a product’s technology and the people who use it. As a full-service agency, we’re fluent in both effortless UX as well as the clean, scalable back-end stacks that power it, and can translate between the two to make sure everyone’s needs are met. In this case, it meant a convenient hub that allowed ProtectAll’s customers to login and view their rolodex of warranties, start and track claims, upload photos, and communicate with agents — all built on REACT to seamlessly tie in with the existing API.

Constructing a smooth customer experience on top of a back-end foundation you didn’t build always presents an interesting challenge. We not only have to anticipate the wants and needs of the users, but also truly understand the organization’s operational requirements and constraints. For ProtectAll, that involved over a decade of legacy business practices on top of varied data points sourced from hundreds of retail partners in an industry that lacks uniformity. But the end result of that kind of thought partnership is worth it. ProtectAll’s transformed claims experience is now as transparent and reliable as the warranties the brand has built their reputation on.