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GoFundMe .org

Branding and a slick new website for the non-profit arm of the world’s most popular fundraising platform.

Branding / Content Strategy / Custom WordPress Development / Website Design

GoFundMe.org is GoFundMe’s sister organization — an independent 501(c)(3) public charity that offers tax-deductible donation opportunities for important causes and urgent events. We worked with their team to establish a new brand identity, then built a slick, streamlined website to give the non-profit the authority it deserves.

GoFundMe.org was established in 2017, but was operating with zero branding and such a barebones web presence that folks who came across their site often assumed it was a scam. Our job was to give the non-profit a look and feel that was both cohesive with — and could stand independent from — their sister org, plus develop a website strategy that quickly identified what GoFundMe.org is, how it works, and its relationship with GoFundMe.com.