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Brighton Jones

Designing a site to support this wealth management firm’s ambitious growth.

Custom WordPress Development / Website Design

Brighton Jones is one of the country’s fastest-growing wealth management firms, with over $8.5 billion in assets under management and an ethos to help their clients live richer lives. We collaborated on a new website that would support their robust marketing efforts and scale over time.


A flexible, modular design system that reflects Brighton Jones’ new brand standards and can grow with the site, as well as seamless integration with critical marketing platforms.

A scalable design system to show off new brands standards

Brighton Jones came to us with a new brand book and a question: how can we turn this into a website? We knew our design would have to be modular — Brighton Jones is growing fast, both as a firm and as a web presence. Whatever website we launched would be pretty different within 12 months: more services, new locations, tons of fresh content. We didn’t want to design anything that Brighton Jones would quickly outgrow. 

We took a modular, component-based approach to the design, creating a library of 25 customizable “blocks” the team at Brighton Jones could mix and match to build visually cohesive, content-rich pages on the fly, as well as custom feeds for the blog, webinars, and downloadable resources. 

Guides and Resources

We also wanted to be thoughtful about graphics. Brighton Jones has a mission to help clients live richer lives, and the new site needed to visually reflect that ethos. Photography can be really successful, but it takes resources to source the right image for each placement, and we didn’t want to hinge our entire design on something the team might not have the bandwidth to execute long term. Instead, we created a kit of elegant, abstract shapes (we call them “doo-dads”) that Brighton Jones could use to add richness and warmth to the site, without relying exclusively on photography.

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Seamless integration with marketing platforms Marketo and Lytics

Brighton Jones operates a robust lead generation marketing strategy using Marketo. They previously had relied on embeddable Marketo forms, but they weren’t cohesive with the look and feel of the rest of the site. Plus, those forms were all maintained within Marketo, not on WordPress, where the rest of the content is managed. 

For the new site, we transitioned away from embeddable forms, integrating Gravity Forms on WordPress with Marketo Forms 2.0 Javascript API. Not only did this give us complete control over form design, we could also use hidden fields to capture submission data in Marketo, and continue to trigger specific actions based on unique users. 

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Brighton Jones also uses a customer data platform called Lytics to create more personalized experiences for their ever-growing audience. Content recommendations are a major component. By integrating with Lytics, Brighton Jones now has the opportunity to deliver unique messaging in a variety of banners and modals to users based on their onsite behavior and audience segment. We also created a handful of content modules powered by Lytics to surface more personalized content recommendations — for example, the three Related Articles at the end of any blog post.

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Brighton Jones related articles

In addition to a more modern user experience and more nimble admin interface, we went live with much faster page speeds and a streamlined sitemap.

The new Brighton Jones website launched in February 2022.