How to Support the People of Ukraine

Slava Ukraini

Bilberry has headquarters in both Seattle and Kyiv, Ukraine — and has since Ross and Adam co-founded our company in 2010. Today, we are grateful that everyone on our team is currently safe, but like all Ukrainians, we are living the impact of this war and will be for a long time to come. 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard from our clients, former teammates, partners, and others in our communities who are eager to help in any way they can. Thank you. We appreciate your support and could not ask for better people around us. 

So far, Bilberrry has donated $90,000 in support of Ukraine and will continue to support local causes on an ongoing basis. Please consider joining us by contributing to the following campaigns and organizations.  

Bilberrry’s GoFundMe

With team members both in and around Ukraine right now, we have the unique ability to get cash directly into the hands of individuals and smaller organizations that might not have fast access to other sources of relief. This money is not for Bilberrry. All donations to our GoFundMe will be sent to support our team’s extended Ukrainian communities, with a special focus on providing direct aid to displaced families, distributing medical supplies, and assisting animal rescue organizations.

Donations accepted via: PayPal, credit cards

Come Back Alive

Come Back Alive supports around 100 combat units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with funding for gear, coordination, training, and ammunition, as well as ongoing services for veterans.

Donations accepted via:, crypto, SWIFT

Nova Ukraine

Nova Ukraine is a US-based nonprofit operating in multiple regions of Ukraine. They use donations to provide food, medical supplies, essential hygiene items, infant care, and clothing for people remaining in Ukraine, as well as refugees who have fled to neighboring countries. 

Donations accepted via: PayPal, crypto, check, wire transfer

Direct Relief

Direct Relief is working alongside Ukraine’s Ministry of Health to provide urgent medical care, as well as longer-term medical services for those displaced by the war.

Donations accepted via: credit card, PayPal works as GoFundMe’s charitable partner to quickly raise funds and distribute cash grants to on-the-ground aid organizations working in support of Ukraine. It’s currently running two tax-deductible donation opportunities, as well as surfacing a variety of verified fundraisers for individuals and organizations impacted by the war.

Donations accepted via: PayPal, credit cards

For more information on donation opportunities and ways to support Ukraine, we suggest this crowdsourced guide — it’s the most comprehensive guide we’ve seen so far.

Slava Ukraini!