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A new brand and website to increase conversions across core audiences.

Branding / Custom WordPress Development / Information Architecture / Website Design

SEE International is a global nonprofit organization that connects volunteer humanitarian eye surgeons with communities in need around the world. We redesigned and developed their website, and are now working on developing a new mobile app for their volunteer medical staff.


Increase conversions across four core audiences.

We overhauled the site’s organization to surface distinct user journeys.

SEE has four primary audiences: donors, volunteer doctors, local patients, and student learners of a surgical procedure called MSICS. However, a complicated navigation, bloated architecture, and lack of defined content hierarchy made it impossible for different types of users to easily access the information they were looking for.

We helped SEE document a content hierarchy that aligned with their business goals: donations were the top priority, followed by increasing the medical volunteer pool, then becoming the digital destination for MSICS education, and so on. That became our North Star to remap the entire site, from top-level navigation to on-page content to cross-linking strategy. 

We designed useful experiences that encourage conversions.

One of SEE’s biggest challenges was efficiently and effectively communicating the huge breadth and depth of their programming — for example, they coordinate 200+ volunteer-led clinics across 40 countries every year; they host multiple MSICS training across the US and online; they run four full-time walk-in clinics in the Santa Barbara area. Over time, the site simply sprawled with new pages announcing new initiatives and offerings. It was impossible for a user to find and consume, and it didn’t convert. 

Our step was to identify a primary (and sometimes secondary) CTA for each core audience. From there, we sought out the right opportunities along each user journey to surface those CTAs. A medical doctor browsing the various countries SEE operates in is now prompted to volunteer from within the Programs database; likewise, a local patient looking up a clinic’s hours can now sign up for an appointment and start their intake forms online. 

SEE’s new site launched on February 8, 2021.